organic dog's dinner: product information

Organic Dog’s Dinner is freshly cooked from premium organic ingredients, served in a returnable, re-useable tub.

It contains beef, kangaroo, barley, vegetables, egg, turmeric, sunflower oil, garlic and kelp.

The product is scientifically formulated* to give your dog all the macro and micro elements needed for good health.

Organic Dog’s Dinner is easily digestible and suits dog of all breeds and ages – and cats! Even fussy dogs love our food.

As with any change of diet, Organic Dog’s Dinner should be introduced gradually. This food can be served as the dog’s main or only food, or as an addition to a dry food diet.

Organic lean beef + kangaroo meat
Protein for growth, tissue repair, vitality and strength.
includes liver, heart and kidneys)

Organic barley This complex carbohydrate provides niacin, thymine and iron. Dogs cannot digest raw grain, but grains that are rolled or crushed and well-cooked dramatically increase energy levels and improve and regulate digestion.
Vegetables Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for optimal health and vitality.
Sunflower oil Unrefined, mono-unsaturated fat for healthy skin and a shiny coat.
Egg Provides vitamins A, B12 and D, as well as iron, protein and folic acid. Powdered eggshells are added for extra calcium. Eggs contribute to strong bones, healthy teeth and skin.
Garlic Trace minerals and natural anti-oxidants to help maintain metabolic health. Garlic is a natural preservative and helps control fleas.
Kelp Provides natural minerals not normally found in soil and helps improve digestion.

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*Recipe based on
The Waltham Book of Dog and Cat Nutrition edited by A T B Edney, vice president of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. The Waltham Centre (UK) is considered a world authority on pet care and nutrition.
Healing with Whole Food Paul Pitchford.